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How To Make A Plan For Yourself

Aarin Harper

It's helpful to not only plan trips and outings, it's a good idea to have plans for ourselves…We'll need to plan for times to celebrate and times to deal with the hard things of life - having a destination helps us plan our route and choose what we pack. Are you packing a positive, resilient posture? A cynical self-protecting mindset? Bravery? Self-centeredness? A gracious and giving spirit?

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Why INSIDE is OUT - Part 2

Aarin Harper

Tim shares with you what he has learned to be effective in his work with RAD clients and families. Whether you are a professional working with RAD clients or an individual impacted by RAD, you will gain insight into the complex inner thoughts and relational constructs by reading through Tom’s journal. You’ll learn by written word and in the visual presentation from the font chosen to the movement/placement of Tom’s words in his journal.

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Reactive Attachment Disorder and Rhythms

Aarin Harper

Inside RAD is a book is written by a therapist for therapists. This book is written for adults with RAD or un-diagnosed RAD. This book is for those who care for someone with RAD or RAD symptoms. This book is truthful about what RAD is, how it may occur (maybe not exactly what you expect), the long road ahead for healing, and very importantly – hope for a healthier future…

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Journal Your Way To Better Mental Health

Callie Whitlow

Back in January we talked about how journaling can be therapeutic. I still find that to be true. When I take the time to write, it allows my brain to process things in a way that doesn't happen if I keep my thoughts in my head, or even if I speak them out loud. Journaling is an inexpensive and relatively easy form of therapy. 

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