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The Beginning of LifEdvice




The Beginning of LifEdvice

Aarin Harper

Welcome to LifEdvice.

Since you are here, either you or someone you care about is struggling with one, or maybe more, of the many difficult situations we face in this life. First, let me encourage you, because you are "struggling" you are challenging someone or something, rather than giving up, although you may feel like it.

Life is made of choices, and fighting for what is important to us, is one.

LifEdvice was started to bridge a gap. I've learned that there are many people walking a difficult walk with little or no resources or support. I see a gap between self-help books and traditional individual therapy. The gap is the unavailability of substantial and meaningful resources that are accessible at a lower cost than traditional therapy and are available when and where you want to use them. Good therapy is based in good questions. With the authors' permission and often with questions they have provided, we hope that the resources at LifEdvice will bridge this gap.

I've been in the mental health field for over a decade, providing support and resources to others, and have experienced my own life struggles just as you have. I'll be sharing some of my story through this blog. There will also be posts by guest authors as well as posts by authors who have resources available through LifEdvice.

Many of us carry a load of fear, anger, guilt, shame, hurt, the list can go on, and with good resources, directed self-reflection, and some work, we can improve our lives and relationships. This site and our resources are not meant to take the place of professional therapy but rather to be a place to start the process, provide educational resources from the mental health field, support personal work you are already doing, and be a start on a road to a better life. Our hope is that you will be able to work through some hard topics and grow. Growth might mean gaining an understanding of your own mental health issues, understanding how to cope with difficult circumstances you may be facing or understanding the world of someone for whom you care.

The resources here are modified from outstanding educational resources in the field of mental health to provide additional levels of insight and understanding. We will be providing, whenever possible, a video with the author sharing their own story and motivation about the writing of their book. We also provide links for referrals to mental health professionals in your area, and other helpful information.

We sincerely hope our blog and books are good resources to help you learn to live life well with us.