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Hope for the Holidays and Beyond




Hope for the Holidays and Beyond

Aarin Harper

How is your holiday season going? Are you full of the spirit of giving while humming carols as you brave the malls? Are you tired, over scheduled and over budget? Most likely you are experiencing some combination of these. People around you are too.

At LifEdvice our hope is that you find hope this season.  

While we are hurrying through the holidays we can minimize and manage our social commitments, our gift buying, our less than healthy eating, lack of exercise, the amount of time we spend with people that drain us, on it goes. During this time of year we not only feel we have to meet the expectations we place on ourselves, but the expectations we feel others place on us. No wonder we feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

How do we balance expectations and reality? It takes intentionality. We have to look at where we are (reality), and where we want to be (our expectations). Make small changes that will bring you closer to your goals and expectations.

Here is a little acrostic to help us manage this time of year and prepare us for the new one!

Healthy Expectations

Be realistic and don’t forget to schedule time for yourself.

Open Mind

Have an attitude that is generous and forgiving.

Personal Boundaries

Take care of yourself.

Enjoyment of Life

Look for joy and hope in your life and the world.

At LifEdvice we believe that the ultimate hope is Jesus – the Savior of the world. He arrived at a time when the world and His country were in turmoil. His arrival was announced by the heavenly host who watched as He lay in a barn. An arrival full of contradictions! This time of year we celebrate His birth, good will to men and women, and the joy and hope of His gift!

May you be blessed with hope, peace, and love!