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FORGIVE: For Real. Six Steps to Forgiving




FORGIVE: For Real. Six Steps to Forgiving

Aarin Harper


“The reality is it’s not nice … sterile … or safe. It’s not cheap, quick or easy either. When you look deeply at the issue of forgiveness, you touch, feel, see and smell the pain and woundedness that was inflicted by a person’s wrong action; action that created the need for forgiving. Forgiveness and pain have a common denominator: wrong action by someone.”

from the Introduction of FORGIVE: For Real. Six Steps to Forgiving by Timothy Sanford, MA

Published by LifEdvice - Available soon on Amazon!


Have you been forgiven? Have you forgiven? Most of us can answer yes to both questions. Tim in his down-to-earth, straight talk, from a teacher’s heart style of writing helps build the steps we need to reach healing through the powerful act of forgiveness. I have sought and given forgiveness but know I missed some of the steps that are needed for healing. Tim helps with knowing when to confront, determining if someone is safe, when trust can be given and identifying a wrong action. Are we really to forgive and forget? What does “forgive myself” mean? This book is challenging, written to be a guide and tool, and different from any other you’ve read on the topic.