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Book- "INSIDE: How Reactive Attachment Disorder Thinks and Feel"

INSIDE Thmbnl.jpg

INSIDE: Understanding How Reactive Attachment Disorder Thinks and Feels

Licensed professional counselor Timothy Sanford takes you "INSIDE: Understanding How Reactive Attachment Disorder Thinks and Feels".

In this unique book for professional mental health workers, teachers, ministry and community leaders, those experiencing or diagnosed with an attachment disorder, and family and friends of those who are - you will take a look inside the mind of someone with RAD. Like no other book, Tom (a character created from many clients Tim has seen in private practice) literally opens his journal and shares his thoughts, fears and struggles. Although the insight that you will gain from this unique perspective of the struggle is helpful - what may be even more important - is the hope that is experienced and shared by Tom as he heals and learns to "live life well" with RAD!

This book includes exercises and professional tools that Tim has used successfully with many of his clients and client families.

Do you or someone that you care about struggle with living fully and transparently in meaningful relationships? Invest in this book!