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Book- "Forgive: For Real"

FORGIVE: For Real: Six Steps to Forgiving

By Timothy L. Sanford, MA

Forgiveness. Most have asked for it and some have given it. If you wonder what forgiveness really is and how to live it - this book is for you. You can learn the six steps vital to this important interpersonal process.

The first part of the book walks you through the six practical steps of what it means to actually forgive; for real. The second part of the book then separates out forgiving from topics that often get mixed in. Personal Workbook sections are included at the end of each chapter with an insightful section: Head and Heart Check.

Available in paperback.


Who of us has not been weighed down by the challenge to forgive someone who wronged us? This book is for all of us who are honest enough to confess our need to forgive. Tim Sanford provides six steps to forgiving from both a psychologically sound and biblically-based approach. You will enjoy his keen wit, straight-forward manner, and warmth of spirit.
— John Thornington, MA, LPC, SRT, D.Min

Can you truly forgive the one who has wronged you repeatedly? Even if that person is not trustworthy or sorry? The answerer is “yes”, and this book provides a Biblical step-by-step way to do so. If you don’t want to wallow in your pain and remain a victim, this book may help you find healing and freedom.
— Cathy Durst, MA, LPC